Buying Bamboo Plants, Growing Bamboo Plants FAQ

1) What makes Slender Weavers bamboo special?

Customers ask us about buying bamboo plants in Sydney and growing bamboo plants in Sydney. In most cases Slender Weavers is the most suitable for their needs

Slender Weavers is the most popular clumping bamboo for screening the neighbours or providing privacy.

A plant from a 200mm pot will easily reach full height within 2-3 years and when fully grown requires minimal maintenance.

Taking up a very small foot print and tightly clumping Slender Weavers, also known as Gracilis grows upright and forms a dense bamboo screen in a very short time

Tolerating the range of climatic conditions from the coast to the Blue Mountains and looking great all year round, it’s a very unique bamboo that fits perfectly into the suburban environment to provide privacy and screening.

2) How will my bamboo be delivered?

Plants are boxed carefully to protect them in transit and usually sent out via overnight courier on Monday.
If you would like your order delivered on another day then please let us know on the order form, or by sending us an email


or through the contact form

or call us 0423 104 849

3) I want an instant screen, do you sell bigger plants?

Unfortunately “instant screening” is not usually possible, even from very advanced plants in 100L bags. The foliage needed for screening requires an established root system. You will certainly get a screen sooner by starting with a much bigger plant but you will still need to wait at least one growing season.

We don’t supply Slender Weavers in 300mm pots due to the increased freight costs.

In our opinion it’s not worth the extra cost of the plant either.
Within 2 years you’d struggle to tell the difference between a 200mm

Slender Weavers and a 300mm Slender Weavers bamboo because the growth rate in the ground is so much greater than in pots.
If you do need a screen as soon as possible and are willing to pay for it then start with a plant in a 400mm pot at least, but we don’t sell them.

4) Can you guarantee my plants will arrive safely?

Your plants will be packaged and protected extremely carefully.

In the extremely unlikely event there is a problem with them on arrival contact us and we will replace them if need be.

Your purchase is covered by PayPal’s buyer protection policy
so you can be 100% certain that you will get what you pay for.

As we operate purely online with no retail premises we can offer plants at lower prices even though the delivery costs are built into the price of the plants.

This means we have a lot of experience in safely packaging plants.

We process payments through PayPal to guarantee to you that your purchase is protected.

Since we started in 2012 there have had very few problems with sending plants out by courier and the two occasions there was a problem the courier had lost track of the plants and we immediately send more.

The truth of this is simply found in the fact out PayPal business account is and always has been active and unrestricted.
PayPal do not deal with unreliable vendors.

Read about PayPal’s Buyer Protection

5) Will your bamboo take over my yard?

No. Clumping bamboo puts up new shoots next to existing culms (canes) so whilst the clump will expand over many years it does not grow like the running bamboo that can put up shoots in your neighbour’s yard.

If you are growing clumping bamboo and have limited space then cutting off the new shoots at the outside of the clump by using a spade or just breaking them off manually will keep the clump at any size you desire.

6) How fast does Slender Weavers bamboo grow?

Very fast.

Slender Weavers is the fastest growing bamboo for screening in a suburban environment.

Some bamboos grow faster, but they keep going to 20m

Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say.

Thank you to the customer for letting us use them.
The dates are real This is just one season’s growth.
Slender Weavers planted as a screen.

Take us at our word when we say that this looks unbelievable but it is how fast Slender Weavers bamboo grows
Slender Weavers Growing in sSydney.

7) Why are these questions mostly about Slender Weavers bamboo

Because Slender Weavers is by far the most popular bamboo we sell and many people who are interested in buying it have little knowledge of bamboo in general.
People who buy our other bamboos generally already know and understand clumping bamboo.
Feel free to contact us and we will post your questions and answers on this page.

8) Which ornamental bamboos do you sell?

We have a few and they are often rare bamboos

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