Dark Weavers Bamboo Plants


Super fast growing. Cold and drought tolerant.

Grows just like Slender Weavers but times TWO

Yes, that means it can easily reach 12m in 3 years.

This is a phenomenally good screening bamboo but it does need at least 1,5m of space. The more space, the more energy per plant the faster the bamboo plant will grow, plain, cold hard truth.

Give your plants some more room you awesome Sydney People, you plant them too close we think

Sold as Slender Weavers by “mistake” or “mislabelling” by some nurseries so always ask./

These fast growing bamboo plants on sale will reach 4+m within 12 months and 8-12m the following year and in good conditions even more.

Dark Weavers bamboo plants are super fast growing and the perfect bamboo to use as a large screen or hedge to 10-12m

Plant 1.5+m apart for faster growth.



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Free shipping to Sydney area on $150 + orders

Shipping to Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Bathurst and Dubbo = $3 extra per plant.

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