Free shipping to Sydney on orders over $150.

There appears to be no automated calculation that can get the postage correct for 3 Slender weavers + 3 x 100mm Tiger Grass + 1x 140mm B, oldhamii to one postcode, let alone every postcode in the country. Add to that the fact you can buy any combination of plants and the problem is close to impossible.

The cart offers cheap shipping to Sydney on orders under $150 and also orders to Wollongong, Newcastle and Bathurst. Please select as appropriate.

I you live elsewhere please contact us for a quote.

If in doubt, contact us for a quote


Orders are normally shipped Mondays or Tuesdays via overnight courier. This is to reduce the possibility that they may get delayed over a weekend.

We need 24 h notice to book the courier so if you are paying on Sunday they may not go out until Tues.


Your order comes with free shipping if over $150 and in Sydney.
If not then the cost of shipping is what we pay.

We do not charge you for packing your plants.

In essence you should be getting plants at a sensible price and delivered to your door for a price that is so low you don’t notice it when you pay for the plants


Your order is covered with buyer protection but the flip side of that is when we have 30 orders to send out, all of which we have to pay for if something goes wrong, if there are delays with the courier, we will wait until the delays have cleared.

What we won’t do is send them anyway and tell you later that there were delays and that you are responsible for it.

If you would like your plants shipped on a Wednesday or Thursday please contact us and let us know but we cannot offer buyer protection and advise you strongly to let us deal with the risks.


At the time of writing (14/10/21 – please tell us to update this if that looks a long time ago) no plants have ever died in transit, not with the two 11 day deliveries, not with the 12 day delivery and amazingly not with the 23 day delivery(though the customer was already in receipt of replacement plants by then)
That means you are unlikely to need replacement plants.

Also, only two boxes have ever been lost (three if you include the 23 day delivery which we replaced).
That means you are unlikely to need to ask us to send more plants.

There are delays from time to time and occasionally some orders just take a long time for no obvious reason.

Please be patient with us if that happens because we will honour our word and if we don’t then PayPal, Google, Apple, AfterPay or Stripe will honour it for you.
That means the very worst that can happen is you get a 100% refund.

If your order appears not to have been sent it could mean you ordered one plant, live in Melbourne and selected free shipping and there is an email in spam asking you what you want to do about the shipping costs and your order is about to be cancelled and refunded. Please contact us