Sydney Bamboo Shipping Policy

The cart offers cheap shipping to Wollongong, Newcastle and Bathurst. Please select as appropriate.

Flat Rate $10 shipping on all orders to the Sydney Area

I you live elsewhere please contact us for a quote.

If in doubt, contact us for a quote


Orders that are paid by around Sunday noon are shipped Mondays or Tuesdays via courier.

Packing your plants safely is not a quick process so we need time to get orders ready for collection and Sunday noon is the latest practical time we can realistically offer

Delivery times are normally 1-2 days but plants will stay in perfect condition for a long tie if packed properly so in the event your order is delayed please just contact us by Thursday evening and remember WE are responsible for getting the plants to you, not you.

Since 2012 we have only ever had to replace one box that went completely missing.

During COVID we had some orders significantly delayed. The longest was just over 3 weeks and we had sent 3 replacement Slender Weavers to the customer by the time the original order arrived and those plants were surprising still alive and only in need of a bit of sun to look as good as new again.

In short, delays are very rare but if they do happen your plants are likely going to be fine and if they aren’t, we will send you more.


All order are covered by some form of buyer protection be it from PayPal or Google Pay so even if we decided that ignoring customers with missing orders was a good way to do business you’re only a phone call away from getting your money back from your payment provider.

We do NOT offer bank transfer as a method of payment (no buyer protection) intentionally.

We do not charge you for packing your plants.

In essence you should be getting plants at a sensible price and delivered to your door for a price that is so low you don’t notice it when you pay for the plants

Your order is covered with buyer protection but the flip side of that is when we have 30 orders to send out, all of which we have to pay for if something goes wrong, if there are delays with the courier, we will wait until the delays have cleared.

What we won’t do is send them anyway and tell you later that there were delays and that you are responsible for it.

If you would like your plants shipped on a Wednesday or Thursday please contact us and let us know but we cannot offer buyer protection and advise you strongly to let us deal with the risks.

If you have any questions about shipping, especially if you live outside of Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Bathurst please contact us