Our shipping priority is simple: getting healthy and established bamboo plants to your door safely and in a timely fashion.

Free shipping to Sydney on orders over $150.

If you live outside of Sydney and your zone is listed in the product page we will email a separate invoice for the excess courier and do our best to reduce the price for you.

There appears to be no automated calculation that can get the postage correct for 3 Slender weavers + 3 x 100mm Tiger Grsass + 1x 140mm B, oldhamii to one postcode, let alone every postcode in the country. Add to that the fact you can buy any combination of plants and the problem is close to impossible.

If in doubt, contact us for a quote

1) Standard procedure: plants are shipped, carefully boxed and protected via overnight courier on Monday or Tuesday to the area encompassed by Sydney, Newcastle, Katoomba, Wollongong.

2) Plants shipped to Dubbo or Bathurst are shipped on Mondays.

However, please contact us to arrange a different day if you wish

3) For plants to be shipped on a particular day, payment must be received by 5pm the day before. This gives us time to arrange the courier and package your plants (even if it means us staying up until midnight.)

4) If your area lies outside of the zones above we will email you to ask you your preference for shipping

5) There will be a tracking number assigned to your order which should be automatically emailed to you (if it isn’t please contact us.)

6) If for some reason you end up with the wrong plants (yes, we are human and on very rare occasions mistakes can happen.) All you need to do is take a photo on arrival of the plants in the box and we will get the correct plants out to you within the next 5 business days (shipping Monday-Tues.)

If we can find a way of retrieving the plants then we will but usually it’s more time consuming and costly than it’s worth so you’ll most likely be able to just keep them.

If they are a different species/varietu to what you ordered we’ll even give you advice on how to best use them, or sell them.

7) If your plants arrive dead (never happened) we will replacement or refund. We only ask that you send a photo of the plants still in the box immediately on arrival. Then unbox and place the pots in water, in the shade and take more photos and email the photos (remove location data but keep timestamp.)

Keep out of wind because bamboo has a remarkable ability to recover from what, to the untrained eye looks dead to what is most definitely alive.

If it turns out that yes, they really are not alive we will either refund or replace depending on your preference.

Shipping policy explained: we are nice people

This simply a written statement of our philosophy and commitment to transparency and honesty.

We use PayPal because we only deal online.

PayPal process your payment for your security.

We do NOT accept bank transfers. Yes, it would save us Payal’s fees but we believe in transparency and honesty. If you transfer money into our bank account and something goes wrong with your order then if we were not the nice people we claim to be then you may not find it so easy to be compensated. We regularly turn down requests for bank transfers for this reason; it demonstrates the truth of our claims.

In an industry that has seen companies come and go with alarming regularity we are interested in a long term enterprise and not one that involves monopolising the market.

Our aim is simple: to supply correctly labelled bamboo at an affordable and reasonable price.

Our shipping policy is based on the premise that your plants are important to you, or you wouldn’t have purchased them. For this reason we generally only ship out orders on Monday and Tuesday via overnight courier.

This is for two reasons:

  1. Sending Monday and Tuesday via overnight delivery, allows for a 2-3 day delay and allows the plants to arrive by the weekend.

2. We take extreme care in and are very experienced in packaging and securing plants in boxes to survive transport and delays.

Our couriers are generally very reliable and whilst as in all cases nothing is perfect and there are occasionally delays*, we have a 100% success record in delivering healthy plants.

* this is very rare but sometimes customers move house but forget to change their address on PayPal. One instance resulted in plants (ordered in the old days on Ebay) being delivered to an unoccupied address in QLD in summer. It took the customer 2 weeks to find the plants and on opening the box the plants were still alive. They were stressed but within a few days of simple care they were back to looking fantastic (i.e. healthy; unhealthy plants don’t cope with stress.)

One week in a box is never a problem for plants. It is a problem for customers’ sense of calm so we do everything possible to avoid it.