1 – About Sydney Bamboo

Sydney Bamboo has been operating since 2012, specialising in selling Slender Weavers and other Screening Bamboo plants online with Free Delivery.
This is a niche market that we have expertise in.

We specialise in growing one thing: clumping bamboo plants for you to buy in Sydney.

Raising the profile of this highly underrated group of plants, raising the public awareness of the enormous variety of bamboo and the almost possibilities of its use is high on our list of priorities.

Starting on Ebay in 2012 we quickly moved to selling on www.sydneybamboo.com.au  and sell less and less on Ebay.

However, our store on Ebay is still online, because it’s the one place where reviews and feedback are guaranteed to be legitimate.

We keep things as simple as possible for you.

Free delivery for you. With a minimum order of 3 x 200mm bamboo pants or 5 x 100mm bamboo plants if you live in the Greater Sydney region.

There is nothing extra to pay. So long as you live in the Greater Sydney area Bamboo delivered to your door for no additional fee.

We can deliver to Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast and Bathurst for $2-$3 extra per plant. Please contact us to arrange

2 – How We Sell and Deliver

To buy bamboo plants at extremely competitive prices delivered to your door with no hidden fees then please visit our online store.

Alternatively you can fill out a contact form 

Or call 0423-104-849

We sell online only for the reason that we can concentrate our time propagating and growing our own stock. This reduces overheads and means we can offer bamboo at very competitive prices.

Your plants will be carefully packaged and protected for a safe journey to your do. Usually we courier orders out on Monday and Tuesday for overnight delivery. However, you can contact us in order to arrange delivery any other day.

You do not need to be in to receive delivery. All deliveries are GPS tagged and since we started in 2012 nobody has reported their plants stolen.

Our best selling bamboos are Slender Weavers and Tiger Grass. We sell other bamboos and have a small number of unusual bamboos which we produce which change every year.

If you want to screen your neighbours using bamboo or would like to install a large windbreak or you want to invest in some spectacular plants we’ll most likely have something that fits your needs.

Tiger Grass to transforms a bland fence line into a lush tropical oasis.

Slender Weavers which will hide your neighbours and provide privacy for you and your family.

You can use Bambusa oldhamii is as a wind break or noise barrier.

4- Why we Sell Bamboo

Bamboo is an very “eco freindly” plant. Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other woody plant, making a great way to offset your carbon footprint too,

5- Our Guarantee to You

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction in our product.

We will offer guidance and advice from day 1 on. If you want to know if you can replant your bamboo if you move house we will give you honest advice 

What we won’t do is convince you that you really do need to plant them 1m apart to sell more plants.

Tiger Grass and Green Hedge are the only bamboos we recommend planting 1m apart.

Slender Weavers grows much faster with more room and for a thick tall and strong screen 1.25m-1.50m spacings are ideal.

Java black, not the biggest bamboo but much bigger than Slender Weavers, you need to allow at least 2m spacing if you wanted to plant them near each other.

For most of our rare bamboos you’d want to give them as much space as possible so they stand out and can show off their beauty.

We do not sell any running bamboo. We do not recommend you grow it either. Our bamboo is not the kind of bamboo that takes over your neighbours yard in 3 years.

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Slender Weavers Bamboo Sydney Bamboo
Slender Weavers Bamboo Sydney Bamboo

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