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Welcome to Sydney’s first Online Only Bamboo Nursery.

Specialising in Slender Weavers and other Screening bamboos since 2012

Do you need advice on how to use bamboo to screen or to provide privacy?

Flat rate $10 shipping on all orders to the Sydney area.

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If you are new to clumping bamboo then feel free to read , watch videos and learn more by clicking the links below

How to screen with bamboo

How to Grow Bamboo

How to use bamboo for hedging hedge

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What you can expect from Sydney Bamboo

Competitive prices and professionally propagated plants in good condition.

Neat hedge of Slender Weavers
Bamboo is propagated to produce clones, genetically identical to every other bamboo of the same botanical name so they always look exactly the same.

An honest estimate as to how many plants you need and an explanation why it’s likely lower than you may think

Mostly we Courier our plants, but you won’t be over sold on quantity

Expert advice and guidance to suit your needs with post sales questions answered

We really understand how bamboo grows and can give expert advice

Risk fee purchase with buyer protection and secure payment and delivery

If anything happens to your bamboo before
it gets to you, we pay for it, not you

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Buying and Shipping Summarised

$15-20 shipping to Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast and Bathurst.

All orders are covered by Buyer Protection. This means we are responsible for getting the plants to you. Period.

As a Contactless Business We Are Operating As Normal during COVID.

All Orders are Shipped via Courier. There is a minimum of 4 hours between us touching your order and the courier collecting it.

Your order will be left in a safe place and you do not need to be in to receive it.

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