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Here you can buy Slender Weavers bamboo and other clumping bamboo with free delivery to Sydney.

Slender Weavers bamboo, also known as Gracilis is the most popular bamboo in Australia due to it’s incredible growth rate, tight clumping nature and being frost and drought tolerant.

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Currently, Slender Weavers (gracilis) is our most popular bamboo in Sydney, followed by the multiplex cultivars, oldhamii and Timor Black

Prices INCLUDE delivery.

Orders are usually delivered on Monday or Tuesday.
If you would like your order delivered on another day then please let us know.

There is a minimum 5 plant order (for 50mm-100mm pots) or 3 plant order (for 200mm pots) online to cover courier costs, prices are generally only valid for the Sydney / Wollongong /  Newcastle / Dubbo area for this reason.

Slender Weavers Sydney free delivery is our speciality.