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Do you have questions about any of the following then we have several pages with information about growing clumping bamboo, especially for screening:

Here are some answers to very common questions

The roots are by far the most important thing to look at when buying plants.

Tall plants with lots of culms in pots very often means they are stunted and rootbound.

A good root system results in faster growth.

So long as the bamboo is a decent size in the pot, any small differences in size make no difference because the mature size is 100s of times larger than what you are starting with. What matters is how well the plant can establish when put in the ground (see the bottom of this page)

Do you want to know why this is the same reason you will save money and get a screen faster by using less plants so they have more space? See the FAQ page

Do you want to know the current height of the plants?See the FAQ page

Number of culms in a 200mm pot? See the FAQ page

We are always happy to give advice to people on growing clumping bamboo.

Customers or not, feel free to contact Sydney Bamboo.

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