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A- This is irrelevant over the space of 2-3 years but actually very misleading in the short term.

Slender Wavers initial height doesn't matter

 At the same height you are better off with a plant with one culm than six because one culm means the first culm it put up is already taller than the sixth culm on the other plant (rhizome vs cutting propagation)

No, slower: spacing the bamboo out means bigger, faster-growing plants

Slender Weavers Growing in sydney.

For the same reason, the initial size of the bamboo makes absolutely no difference to the time it takes to reach full height (because other factors are much more important)

It is much better to start with a smaller plant with a strong root system which is actively growing down and out than it is to start with a taller plant which is root bound.

Root bound plants will either die though dehydration or will become a small plant when you’ve cut them back to keep it alive.

By the time it recovers from the shock of being transplanted and cut back , you will find plants half that size will have overtaken hem in the ground as their roots have been able to grow in all directions and have occupied a significantly larger volume of soil.

The number of culms is also irrelevant.

Bamboo gets taller by putting up shoots which are grow taller than the last shoot.

Therefore a plant the number of culms is not particularly important.

In fact one culm at 1.5m signifies a division propagate plant which is stronger in the short term and six culms, the tallest of which is 1.5m signifies a cutting propagated plant which will next

HOWEVER, as soon as they both get in the ground and the roots are not restricted to what must be 0.1% of the functional root volume on a mature plants, the growth rate depends entirely on the space they have and the conditions they are in.

Yes, initially there sill be a small difference but the following affect the growth of the plant far mor significntly that 20 or 40com in a 20mm pot

1- is the plant root bound (overgrown and too big for the pot)? If so, take it back and exchange it for a smaller plant with a healthy root system.

2- how was the plant propagated? Division or cutting? If you can get some 6 month old divisions in March then they can establish much, much faster than 18 month old cuttings half their size (good luck finding them)

3- How much room does the plant have because they tend to put out leaves to fill the space they are in.

This means spacing them out can have a dramatic effect on the speed that they grow

4- Do you have good soil with plenty of good organic fertiliser and mulch to encourage microbial activity?

5- In the ground the roots are connected to fungi which extend more of less infinitely.

If the foliage and culms are proportional to the root volume then the root volume of 200mm pot must be much less than 0.1% of the volume of soil accessed by the mature root of a plant.

If the foliage and culms are proportional to the root volume then the root volume of 200mm pot must be much less than 0.1% of the volume of soil accessed by the mature root of a plant.

Please consider what kind of plant you would expect to be able to develop and be happy in what is (for the plant) a very, very small pot with it’s roots restricted on all sides with plastic.

Would you want to buy plants that are struggling to stay alive in plastic pots and that had been kept in there too long, and were water three times a day to keep them alive in summer and which are actually unable to put out any new growth of significance?”

Or would you prefer plants that are happy and still actively looking to put out significant growth that once you put them in the ground, are able to take full advantage of the freedom and what will feel like an almost infinite amount of soil for the roots to grow into?

Do NOT plant Slender Weavers any closer than about 1.2m apart.

Planting 1.3m – 1.4m means the plant will grow fatser and put up thicker, taller culms with longer branches and more leaves much sooner.


Because the area the plant can occupy is essentially a circle. The area increases with the square of the distance between the plants.

The volume occupied by the roots increases with the cube of the distance between he plants, as does the volume of air the leaves can occupy to absorb carbon dioxide.

Roughly speaking this means doubling the distance between the plants increases the sunlight it can absorb by four times as much and increase the water, nutriend and carbon dioxide by EIGHT times as much.

Plant your bamboo further apart than you might be thinking because you will get a screen sooner that way, and you will have a screen made of much stronger, more vigorous bamboo which has a full display of foliage and it much more resistant to dry spells.

You will also save money that way.

The reason for saying this is the same as the reason for advising people NOT to buy the biggest plant in the smallest pot.!

Starting from a 200mm pot, about 2 -3 years, depending on conditions and how full you need it at full height.

Slender Weavers  in Sydney

In almost every case the answer is Slender Weavers

How Fast

Slender Weavers Growth Rate

It’s the ONLY commercially available bamboo that has the following properties
1) Extremely fast growing, even for bamboo. Reaching full height from a 200mm pot in 2-3 years.
2) It does not get any taller than 6-8m
3) It is very easy to maintain at a lower height (see below)
4) It has a small footprint, meaning it is a tight clumper with shoots that come up right next to each other
5) Slender Weavers is very resistant to drought, frost and and heat

NO other bamboo has all those qualities, In fact none come close, which is why Slender Weavers is so popular.
6) Once they are established you have to try very hard to kill them, meaning they are very easy to look after.
PS- If you do want to get rid of them doe some reason (it does happen when people extend, please call use, we may come and dig them up for you, for free.

It depends on conditions and whether you ned height out of them and if you are prepared to wat a little bit more for a better result.
Generally speaking, in the ground, somewhere between 1.25m and1.5m apart is good if you want fast growth and maximum height
7 plants planted at 1.5m centres gives you 9m + 50cm at each end
7 plants planted at 1.25m centres gives 7.5m + 1.5mn at each end. NOTE: That 1.5m will take about 3 years to fill out at the end.

1m centres is TOO CLOSE. This will be explained over the next few questions.

This is a repeat of the above question because it’s not obvious to most people until you point it out, and then it makes perfect sense. The answer is NO.
Putting them close together causes stunting and dwarfing (Bonsai effect). You will gt a screen vey quickly, far too quickly and it won’t last. Afterwards there will be a row of sorry looking plants with weak looking culms (canes) and short branches.
They compete with each other and cannot rely on enough moisture for consistent foliage.

1 plant every 1.5m will look much, much, much better than 2 plants every 1.5m.

Slender Weaver less than 2 years and trimmed back

No. Unfortunately, you are going to have to notice that the last the questions are a bad way to maximise turn over. They do not grow well together (except in very unusual circumstances)

Slender Weavers Sydney Bamboo

By spreading them out. The reason they grow faster, taller and put up think shoot sooner when spread further apart is that the amount of resources available to each plant increases (proportional to the square of the distance if you think about it).
Faster growth, taller culms, longer branches and more and bigger leaves.
And all because they were given more space tow grow.
Apologies for dragging this on but it’s a point which can easily be forgotten and it’s probably one of the most important things you can do, and it sav you money too.
So, spread them out and they will reward you from it.
They will be easier to manage and much more resistant to extremes of weather.
It is not a way to maximise profits in the short term. However, it is the truth and we sell genuine Slender Weavers (not imported “who knows what” from QLD)

That does not mean you cant improve if by piling on manure, compost. blood and bone (not if you have dogs) and mulch.
As the plant grows the soil will improve with itoil mychorrhizae

The best fertiliser which is readily available that we have used is Osmocote Controlled Release All Purpose Fertiliser which
contains trace elements
For the 1st season it’s a good idea to use this by digging it into the planting hole. It guarantees that all trace elements will be
available for the plants to establish. You can use if again for the second season if your soil is poor.
From the very beginning organic fertiliser gives good results. Blood and bone, well-rotted compost and manure are good
organic fertilisers and should be applied annually to create healthy and resilient plants.
Avoid soluble fertiliser if you want healthy soil, and you REALLY want healthy soil because it contains all the bacteria and
fungi your bamboo naturally lives with (symbiotic relationship) and they will do a great job of keeping your bamboo growing

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