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Welcome to Sydney’s first Online Only Bamboo Nursery.

Specialising in Slender Weavers and other screening bamboos since 2012

Do you need advice on how to use bamboo to screen or provide privacy?

Sydney Bamboo offers you

– competitive prices for plants in good condition.

– expert advice and guidance to suit your needs.

– post sales questions answered.

– an honest estimate as to how many plants you need

E.g.: space Slender Weavers 1.2m apart to allow each individual plant to grow faster and taller resulting in more robust plants, saving you money for a better result. 1m is too close to plant them.

Browse our store, read the informative pages or get in touch.

Plants are normally delivered within a few days

Flat Rate $10 shipping on all orders to the Sydney area

All orders are covered by Buyer Protection, meaning we are responsible for getting the plants to you.

Your order will be left in a safe place and you do not need to be in to receive it.